Bible Study

The Bible Study Unit at RCCG-Jesus House in Saskatoon takes seriously the instruction of Jesus to make disciples of all nations through accurate biblical teaching that focuses on the Lordship of Christ.

By rightly dividing the word of truth, our aim is to allow the Holy Spirit to use us as one of the means by which he accomplishes the work of conforming believers to the image of Christ.

We want to see other believers like ourselves desire and celebrate the glory, leadership, and lordship of Christ in their daily lives.

To see this become a reality, we believe the church of God must remain the pillar and ground of truth. On that rock and pillar of scripture, we trust God for a life in which men long to be satisfied first in Christ and his Gospel, as they look each day to the Father for the hope of eternal glory in the person of the saviour.

His word is essential in this process and in the discipleship journey we have all embarked upon. We urge you to come along in daily reverence, surrender, and obedience to scripture. By his grace, we will serve him acceptably.

Thank you.



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