Text: Ps 139:1-4;23-34, Matt 19: 27-30, Eze 18:4, 20-32

We were reminded in last week’s sermon that sin rendered us incomplete/imperfect and the grace released at Calvary gave us the opportunity to turn it around. We have attempted to answer questions like (1) What does perfection mean? (2) Does God require perfection from Christians? (3) What does it mean to stand perfect? (4) How can we stand perfect/complete in Christ? In Ps 139:1-4;23-34, David confessed that the only way to be who God wants us to be is if HE leads and we follow.

It is important to understand that this journey of standing perfect and complete in Christ is like an Olympic athlete whose success will depend on Speed, Skill and most important of all, Endurance. The final podium stand is a combination of choices that has been made along the way similar to what we see in Deuteronomy 30:19. God’s Sustaining Grace is the power that helps us to endure even when we do not think we can. Today we will focus on answering the question of the Rewards and Consequences of our choices to Stand Perfect or Not in Christ.

  1. Rewards of standing Perfect in Christ: Matt 19: 27-30, Mk 10:29-30 Whenever our motive is right — when our labour and sacrifices are for Jesus, we will be rewarded. If we meet His commandment to be blameless, it becomes very certain, according to his word in Ephesians 3:20 that He can do more than we can ask or think. The Gospel of Mark (referenced above) clearly shows that Jesus was talking about two time periods for which a reward awaits believers: here in this world and ‘’in the world to come’’. Rewards await those who stand perfect in Christ.
  2. Consequences of not standing Perfect in Christ: Ezek. 18:4, 20-32 In the event that we choose to chart our own course and follow a path different from what Christ has laid, the consequences include: (1) Confusion: Gen 11: 3-9. God’s actions at the Tower of Babel demonstrate how He brings confusion when we make decisions outside of Him. (2) Conflict: Rom 8:7-8 Imagine trying to run an internal combustion engine with water as lubricant. (3) Cost: 1Sam 15: 11,19, 22-23 Disobedience is always costly. It will cost you everything when we do not do the right thing at the right time and in the right way. (4) Loss: 1 Sam 13:13-14 King Saul’s action was a missed opportunity to secure the kingdom for his descendants. (5) Regret: Lk 15:16-17 The Prodigal son thought he knew better than his father, it was a path to regret (6) Disaster: The Lord chose a longer path to the promised land to try and prepare the Israelites Ex13:17. Their continued disobedience kept ALL of them that left Egypt out of the promised land. Jos 5:6 (7) Discipline: 1 Sam 2:30-33 Eli’s choice concerning the lack of discipline of his children caused them a generational blessing. If we will not listen and obey God, He will discipline us.

I join faith with you and pray that the Lord will give you Grace to Stand Perfect and Complete in Him; you will not miss your reward. Have a blessed week, your miracle is just around the corner.

Pastor ‘Tayo Ojo
RCCG, Jesus House For All Nations

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