Ps 147:1-20, 1 Chronicles 16:23-31, Jeremiah 20:13

Brethren, I thank God for your life and join you as we all give glory and praise to Him who has brought us this far in the year 2019. Faithful is He, He will perfect and complete that which He has begun in your life and family in Jesus name.

Over the last few weeks as we celebrate God for all He has done, will do and for the things we have trusted and not seen yet, I find myself going back to the book of Psalms. There are words from some of these wonderful psalms that have illuminated appreciation of our God that strikes a new impact in me.

Ps 147:1 declares, “Praise is comely”. The word ‘comely’ is traceable back to an old English word meaning “lovely, glorious, or fine.” Other translations say that praise is fitting, or seemly. Praise is comely means that praise is fitting and attractive. It is easy to thank God when all seem well around us, but the Lord requires and expects that we will praise Him in all circumstances.

I came across this story in an article in from a Debbie Przybylski about how John Wesley, who later became a famous preacher and hymn writer, learned the secret of worship and praise through the testimony of a man who had nothing. He was a 21yr-old student at Oxford at the time. He spoke to a man who had only one coat and lived in low-class living conditions without a bed. This poor man was unusually happy and filled with gratitude. Wesley joked about the man’s misfortunes and sarcastically asked, “And what else do you thank and praise God for?” The man smiled and with great meekness replied, “I thank and praise Him that He has given me my life and being, a heart to love Him, and a constant desire to serve Him!” The impression stayed with him, at the age of 88, John Wesley lay on his deathbed. Everyone around him knew that he had learned the lesson of praising and worshipping God in every circumstance, for he was a true worship warrior. Even though in great weakness, Wesley began to sing the hymn “I’ll Praise My Maker While I’ve Breath.”

Brethren, as you go through the rest of this week/month/year, remember the words of the psalmist … Praise is Comely. As you praise God, lifting holy hands and heart, the Lord will come through for you in the mighty name of Jesus. Let praise not cease in your mouth, home and His church; watch God move in your situation and circumstance beyond what you can think or imagine Eph 3:19-21.

Have a blessed day and week ahead and remain in an atmosphere of praise.

Pastor Tayo Ojo
RCCG, Jesus House For All Nations

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