FOREWORD FOR THE WEEK: 27 September 2020


Prophecy is the will of God revealed to Man either through the office of ordained prophet, someone with gift of prophecy or declaration of the written word of God by faith. In the words of Sunday, Sept 20th teaching, the first two is called “Foretold” while the last is “Forthtelling”. God gives prophecy to edifies (strengthens, builds), exhort (teach, encourage), and comforts (preserve, prosper) God’s people (1 Cor 14:3, Hosea 12:13, 2 Chro 20:20)

One word of prophecy (God’s revelation) to a congregation (church) could mean different things to different people, and yet same word given by prophet as inspired by the Spirit of God, authentic prophecy does not come out of man’s volition (Eze 14:1-6) but are inspired, quickened by God’s Spirit or orchestrated by the movement of the Spirit of God (2 Pet 2:20-21, 2 Tim 3:16-17, Gen 1:2-3, Eze 37:1-10).

1.   Components of prophecy fulfilled
Prophecy as the Will of God
Prophecies are God’s will, desires, plans (Prov 19:21), and counsels (Isa 46:10) for our lives, they are not our ideas, premonitions (Ezekiel 14:1-6, Isa 40:13-14). They are God’s thoughts and ways (Jere 29:11, Isa 55:8-9). God’s will is stronger than us, and it predates our existence, all we need to do is to seek his Will, know it, understand it and do it (Eph 5:17, Act 20:27)

Timing of fulfilment of Prophecy
Every prophecy is time dependent (Ecc 3:11, Gal 4:4, Luk 2:25-30). For prophecy to be fulfilled, it needs time (Patience – Heb 10:36, James 5:7-8, James 1:4). Even though, we may receive words of prophecy same time, but timing of fulfilment may not necessarily be the same, no comparison, wait for your time (Psl 27:14, 2 Cor 10:12). It will definitely come to pass (Eze 12:21-25, Heb 6:17-18)

2.    Operations of Prophecy
Operating Spirit – Isa 34:16, Rom 8:11
Both the generation of words of prophecy or its declaration by Faith and the fulfilment thereon, all are powered by the Holy Spirit. The new covenant saints (Christ church) are to be led always by the Holy Spirit, no longer to be controlled by prophet as of old (Heb 1:1-2, Rom 8:14, 2 Pet 1:19).

Operating Faith – Heb 11:2
Faith is the wings through which prophecy rides to fulfilment. Prophecies are fulfilled at the frequency of our Faith. Faith produces on the altar of importunity (consistency, tenacity) Luk 18:1-8

Pastor Reuben Adeleye

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