Chosen Generation

For several years the youth church were called The Redemption Youth, developing youths for the glory of the kingdom. However, in 2018, the youths were officially renamed “Chosen Generation” as the new youth church emerged. We are an ever growing family of young people empowered by Christ to be the people He wants us to be.


Our Vision is to be true living examples of Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives (1 Timothy 4:12). Our bond is God’s Love (1 John 4:7), our destiny is perfection to God’s glory (Ephesians 2:10) and our purpose is to be examples of Jesus sharing His Love to all.

We have programs and activities across the year to help maintain and foster the love and unity amongst the youths. Our weekly Tuesday bible study is one of such programs; it has helped us define our general struggles as young adults and also given us the tools to overcoming them.

We are also involved in monthly young adult’s fellowship which brings not only youths from Jesus house together to worship, but also youths from Saskatoon. This opportunity has been great so far because it has given us the avenue to rub minds together as we all have the same vision; that is to make Heaven. We also have programs like our yearly youth weekend, welcoming of new students, guys and ladies night out, game nights etc. These activities help us stay in touch and also keeps us accountable for each other. Community outreach has been one of the main focus of TRY and we have been involved in volunteering at the Friendship Inn for our last youth weekend.

We hope to do more in our community and are looking into prison evangelism and some other wonderful ways of reaching our brothers and sisters. Our vision is “to be Leaders and Examples of Jesus Christ in all walks of life by the Grace and to the Glory of God”. It’s a vision that we share with all youths. The heart of this vision is to truly live our lives the way Jesus Christ lived His – It is then that we can truly shine. Therefore brothers and sisters, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” (Isaiah 60:1).

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