About Family Matters

A unit of Jesus House that serves as a bridge to ensure we can successfully translate the hearing of the word of God into knowledge that will empower us to live a peaceful and well-grounded life.

Family Matters does this under 3 main arms namely ThriveFoundation, and Parenting God’s Heritage.


This is a Family Matter event that focuses on bridging the gap between generations and equipping each member of the generation to maximize the resources available to them and thrive in all areas of life. The sessions hold 3 times a year.


This ministers to couples in marriages that are less than 7 years in existence.

The marriage vow has a line that says “for better for worse”; this vow for most couples do not portray the full picture of what being married means. Foundation is an avenue to equip couples with the right tools that will be of help towards building a strong and lasting foundation for their home.

Foundation sessions will hold 5 times each year.

Session Topics: Communication, Gender roles (Bible vs. Culture), Intimacy, Marital Support & Self Development, Love & Submission, Money Matters.

Parenting God’s Heritage

A no judgement and interactive event aimed at equipping parents with the right tools to ensure they can raise the next generation for Christ successfully. The sessions are based on biblical principles and interpreting them in ways that are relevant to our parenting role.

Registration for all Family Matters events (when required) will be communicated via email and on all our social media platforms.

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