Colossians 4:12

Perfection is attainable, it is God’s expectation for his children (Matt 5:48). Perfection is primarily a walk of faith (Gen 17:1, 2 Cor 5:7). Perfection reflects the quality, nature, and level of our walk with God. He demands we “move” unto perfection (Heb 6:1), which is relative to the level of our faith walk with God.

We need the gift of grace (supernatural ability) to walk successfully in faith and this is given at new birth when Christ assumed absolute Lordship over our lives (Eph 2:8-9, Jam 1:17, John 1:14,17). Col 4:12 admonishes us to stand perfect in God’s will, the word “stand” is an action word which means “always ready to do” just as the Corinthians church were always eager a year before in Kingdom support (2 Cor 8:10, 2 Cor 9:2). God expects us to always be ready to perfect His will in our lives.

We consider grace as a necessity in two perspectives.

  1. Grace as a Tool
    Grace is not God’s will itself, it enables and helps us to accomplish His will. Grace enlarges our spiritual capacity to accommodate His will in an increasing dimension. Grace as a tool has two applicable laws.
    1. Law of Use: A tool is an instrument used to accomplish a task. Paul laboured (used) grace to become who he was (1 Cor 15:10). The parables in Luke 19:11-27 and Matt 25:14-30 are both rooted in the Usage of God’s gift/talent. Grace not used is not effective (Heb 5:14).
    2. Law of Faithfulness: How do we use grace? (Rom 6:1, Jam 4:6-7) By following as commanded, in timing (John 4:21,23), and by location (Psl 1:1).
  2. Grace as Trust
    God owns grace but entrusted it into our care as overseers to administer grace (Act 20:28). We must show that we are trustworthy in using grace (Gal 2:21, Jude 1:4). How are we using this entrusted grace? (1 Pet 5:1-3, 2 Cor 9:8-14, 1 Cor 3:10).

Grace are in levels, moving to the next of level of grace, requires:

  1. Remaining humble. Jam 4:6-7, 1 Pet 5:5-6
  2. Walking in the fear, awe of the Lord. Gen 39:6,9
  3. Growing in God’s knowledge. 2 Pet 3:18
  4. Staying in your calling.  Eph 4:11, Rom 11:13,29. 1 Cor 15:10

Pastor Reuben Adeleye
RCCG, Jesus House For All Nations

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