FOREWORD FOR THE WEEK: 11 October 2020


All of this is for your benefit. And as God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more Glory (2 Cor. 4:15)

Welcome to our national thanksgiving weekend, the period that we, as a nation, reflect on God’s goodness and give Him thanks. Thanksgiving brings Glory to God, and God does not share His Glory with anyone. So, give Him Glory this season for all His blessings.

Everyone who is called by My name; for I have created him for My Glory (Isaiah 43:7a)

There are two dimensions to being created for God’s Glory: (1) God will manifest His Glory in us and (2) we are to bring Him Glory in all we do. The Lord will give Grace and Glory to they that walk uprightly, written by the Psalmist in Ps. 84:11. That means He will glorify they that walk in a way that brings Glory and Honour to His name. So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God (1 Cor. 10: 31). God desires to clothe us with His Glory.  He also wants to be glorified in us. God will manifest His Glory in a life that glorifies His name. The Father desires that He be glorified in the son (John 14:13).  

So, when he had gone out, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man is glorified, and God is glorified in Him.  If God is glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself, and glorify Him immediately. Matt. 13:31-32

Jesus also declared in John 17: 4-5: “I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. Now, Father, bring me into the glory we shared before the world began. In John 12:28-29, Jesus looked up to heaven and asked the Father to glorify His name; a voice came down immediately from heaven, confirming that the request was a done deal. God’s covenant is to clothe us in His Glory. However, we must remember that the Father wants to be glorified in the son. Do we bring Glory to His name in all that we do? Let us follow in Christ’s footsteps.

Pastor Akindele Odeshi

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